M16C-Flasher NON-PROFIT-Version

Looking for an easy to use flasher-tool for Renesas M16C/22, M16C/26, M16C/62 and M16C80/M32C- microcontrollers?

This program runs under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP.

For Windows 7: You have to run the M16C-Flasher in Windows XP SP3 mode.

There is no extra hardware required. The only thing you need is a serial cable between pc and microcontroller...

The M16C-Flasher is free for personal, NON-PROFIT use only. If you use it for any commercial purpose, you have to purchase a license.

Please contact me: busker (at) m16c-flasher.de


  • can be used from commandline, easy to use with your IDE
  • programs your microcontroller up to 70% faster than other flasher-tools
  • uses serial controllines for Reset und Bootmode
  • AutoFlash-function: detects changes of the last programmed hexfile and starts programming
  • uses the last programmed ID as standard ID
  • Select file once, program x-times with 'Prog'-button (see option 'Load file once')
  • Uncheck this option and the flasher asks every time for a filename before programming (like before)
  • As a result a 'ID mismatch'- message was shown
  • stores all programmed IDs in a logfile
  • erases only selected blocks (if you want)
  • extra: terminalprogram (VT52, VT100 & Ansi)
  • Checks programming with CRC16 and verify function
  • serial communication up to 115200 baud (with M16C62!)